The Boldly Beautiful Home

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“The home I grew up in was white. So was our neighbor’s house, and the house across the street. No matter which way I looked out of the yard as a child, I saw white. Now that I have a home of my own, it’s time for color. It’s time for excitement. I intend to have a boldly beautiful home.”

Creating a Home Exterior that Commands Attention

If you’re excited by the idea of a boldly beautiful home, you’re going to be thrilled by the many opportunities you have to showcase your favorite colors. The most popular home exterior in the Norwell area is vinyl siding – this is true for most of the country, really, due to the product’s affordability and durability – so let’s take some time talking about color and vinyl siding.

Most quality vinyl siding manufacturers offer a wide range of color options now, with bold colors being among the most popular option. Blues, greens, and reds all capture the attention and can make a strong style statement. When considering your choices, consider the colors of other homes in the neighborhood as well as your own preferences. If the house next door is slate blue, for example, you might want to choose a different shade for your own place to maximize the impact of each homeowner’s choices.

As Norwell siding contractors, we’re often asked how long the color in vinyl siding lasts. Even in full on direct sunlight, we’re seeing the colors in the better vinyl siding products lasting easily more than a decade. The performance is so good because the siding is engineered better now. What used to be thin surface coatings of color are now much thicker and more durable. The fade resistance is there, and so is the ability to withstand the types of common weather damage you see in this part of New England.