Porch Style: Choosing Windows That Look Great & Complement The Whole Home

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During the summer, the porch can be the most popular room in the South Shore home. It’s a great place to enjoy a beautiful but fleeting season; an area to entertain close friends and family members or just relax after a hard day.

Aesthetically, you want your porch to seamlessly fit into the look of your whole home. This integration happens in a number of ways: choosing the same exterior siding material is one method, as is the color scheme of curtains, furniture, and decor items on the porch. Windows also have a huge role to play: you want them to be visually in alignment with the other windows in the home while protecting your porch from the elements all year round.

Back in the day, people weren’t necessarily as particular as they might have been when choosing porch windows. Throughout the South Shore, you can still find porch windows with single pane glass – an absolutely nightmare in terms of energy efficiency! Even older double pane glass porch windows can have their issues, particularly those installed during the sixties or seventies. These windows tend to have aluminum frames and can be much uglier than they need to be.

As an alternative, consider vinyl porch windows. These modern replacement windows have several important benefits for the South Shore home owner. The first is that they’re highly energy efficient. Because they’re so tightly sealed, they keep the cold air and breezes out. This can potentially extend the useful life of your porch – and wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your porch early in the spring or into the autumn?

The second is that they’re low maintenance. Vinyl never needs to be painted, and the color lasts for decades without fading. If you want to spray the exterior window frames off periodically with a hose, go for it. But there’s no laborious scraping and painting routine to worry about.

The third is that they’re attractive. Vinyl porch windows are available in a variety of styles to complement what you have installed throughout the rest of your home. This creates a look that’s really appealing to the eye!